Fun Cup Spa 25 hour

Fun Cup Spa 25 hour

The Longest Car Race in the World

The Fun Cup Spa 25 hour race was to be my first taste of endurance racing in the longest car race in the world with Team tiger.

101 Entries

With 101 entries and four classes we were in the minority with only twelve cars within our class, however this was not to leave us out of battling with the faster cars. The Thursday practice went well with all five drivers getting seat time and becoming comfortable with the car and the track. Late Friday afternoon was qualifying where it is key to get into the slipstream of other cars in order to get the optimum lap time. Unfortunately we were unable to get a slipstream and therefore we were to start 64th overall.

100% Flat Out!

Oliver Bryant started the race and put in an excellent first stint getting the car all the way up to first position and getting us into the top 20 where we were to stay for the next 12 hours. Ben Beighton went in next then Chloe Noyce, I was to drive 4th and in the dark which was my first ever experience of night-time racing. The difference with racing at Spa in the night-time is that there’s no artificial lighting around the circuit so visibility is very limited. Once I was in the car I immediately became comfortable with the dark conditions and got into a rhythm putting in consistent lap times and staying out of trouble. During my stint I had to race flat out 100% due to there being no safety cars or code sixties, like everyone else had had. Once my stint was over Oliver Bryant got in and did a double stint then Ben Beighton also did a double didn’t both doing an excellent job of keeping us in the top 20. However it wasn’t to be our race when a slower car braked check Ben and our radiator became damaged which then lead to engine trouble 12 hours in.

Passion for Endurance Racing

Up to the 12-hour mark in the race we were P12 and 1st in class and going strong. The whole event was fantastic and I can’t thank all those at Team tiger (Chris, Ben, Kevin, Chassy, Chloe, Louis and Oliver) for getting me in to the car for the event.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first endurance race and this has reinforced my passion for endurance racing and for moving on in my motor racing career.

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